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The Kids DIY Media Partnership was led by Drs. Grimes and Fields, who oversaw all the research and coordinated partner events and knowledge exchange activities. 
During the time of the partnership, our research team was primarily based out of Toronto, Ontario (University of Toronto) and Logan, Utah (Utah State University), and included a total of 17 student research assistants. We joined forces online and through annual in-person meetings, sharing our knowledge of digital media industries, devotion to DIY creation, and passion for children’s creative and cultural rights. 

The research team worked alongside project partners from the industry, 
advocacy, and cultural institution sectors, to explore children’s DIY media production and find new ways to foster this important cultural phenomenon. The official project partners were: 

Joan Ganz Cooney Centre

Sago Inc. (now Sago Mini)
Storybird Inc. 
Common Sense Media
kidsmediacentre (at Centennial College)
TIFF Kids International Film Festival 
Dr. Alissa Antle (School of Interactive Arts + Design @ SFU)

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of our research assistants, workshop participants, young game makers, and project partners over the years, for all of your contributions, insights, and efforts to make this project a success.  

Dr. Sara M. Grimes 
Principal Investigator 

Dr. Deborah A. Fields 

Kids Do-it-Yourself Media

Cover photo by by Waag Society. Feature art by Bitskoff.

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