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Kids DIY Media
Kids DIY Media Partnership

Today, children’s DIY media creation increasingly takes place online, using digital tools that allow young users to not only produce and share their ideas with the world, but also to develop many of the skills they’ll need to be participants, innovators and leaders in the digital economy. Yet, we still know very little about children's DIY media making and sharing, and about the barriers, challenges, and political economic relationships children encounter as they engage in online/connected cultural production. We need to develop a better understanding of how we can best support the many opportunities associated with children’s DIY media making.

The main objectives of the Partnership were:

  • To advance our understanding of an important emerging phenomenon – children’s increased participation in making and sharing digital/media creations online;
  • To map the various opportunities and challenges involved in children's DIY media creation and sharing;
  • To identify the types of support systems—regulatory, infrastructural, and technical—required to foster a rights-based, child-centric, inclusive approach to children's online DIY media production that supports children's learning and cultural participation. 

Our Goals

Advancing Children's Cultural Rights

This project focuses on the implications of online DIY media for children and their rights to privacy, authorship, and freedom of expression. The project includes children in the research and knowledge sharing processes, acknowledging their unique insight and expertise.

Anticipating Emerging Policy Issues

The project will identify emerging policy issues linked to children's content creation and its implications in the areas of privacy, intellectual property ownership, freedom of expression, and more. We want to help policymakers initiate informed public consultations and new policy development.

Benefits to Media & Digital Industries

Digital innovation often originates from independent, small to mid-sized developers. Our research will draw on their expertise. This project engages media and digital companies in collaborative, research-based knowledge sharing. Our aim is to help them address the policy, ethical and other challenges of supporting children's online DIY media production, while optimizing the potential benefits and opportunities for further development.

Kids' Do-it-Yourself Media

Cover photo by by Waag Society. Feature art by Bitskoff.

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